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Posted on Friday, May 30th, 2014

Conveniently located between Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle, WA, Burlington is your one stop destination for lodging, shopping, dining and recreation!

105_1208In less than 35 minutes you can be up mountains, taking in the beautiful North Cascades.  The North Cascades National Park Complex spans the Cascade Crest from the temperate rainforest of the wet west-side to the dry ponderosa pine ecosystem of the east. The park encompasses landscapes with over 9,000 feet of vertical relief. There results a high diversity of plants, over 1,600 species so far identified, and many other organisms adapted to a wide spectrum of habitats.

The relatively new mountains, glaciers and streams of North Cascades lie near a dynamic interface of tectonic plates and provide an opportunity to study geologic processes unfolding through time. Geologists and others seek answers to questions of global climate change, mountain building and erosion, volcanism, glaciation, stream dynamics, and more.

There are many campgrounds as you travel across the North Cascades Highway.  Be sure to stop by the Visitor Center and pick up your free copy of the Cascade Loop Scenic Guide.


North Cascades National Park Complex has numerous high-quality fishing opportunities for anglers to catch native fish in their native habitats. Salmon can be caught in the Skagit River and cutthroat trout in the Stehekin River and its tributaries. Native rainbow trout can be caught is Ross, Diablo and Gorge Lakes. The NPS continues to work to preserve and enhance these fisheries and fishing opportunities. The park also continues to provide access to fisheries with boat ramps, docks, trails, campground and information.


The North Cascades National Park Service Complex preserves some of the finest mountain country in North America—a hiker’s smorgasbord. From accessible trails and short, scenic strolls to steep, grueling hikes that will make your legs burn but your heart sing, there is a trail here that will suit your mood. The extreme gradients of climate and topography contribute to an impressive diversity of habitat and species.

North Cascades National Park Complex offers excellent opportunities for adventure, exploration, learning, and just plain having fun! Be sure to visit the National Park information page to access the latest information.

Biking and Walking

Click this link for trail maps in Adobe pdf format.